20 Hilarious Pictures of Dogs That Will Make You Laugh All Day Long

20 Hilarious Pictures of Dogs That Will Make You Laugh All Day Long

Since time began, man and dog have had an unbreakable bond.

Humans around the world have forged relationships with majestic dogs, like the Labrador Retriever, the Bulldog, and the Beagle, and today it’s estimated there are around 900 million dogs on the planet.

That number is growing year on year as more of us choose to buy a tail-waggling, always-barking hairy beast - and if you’re reading this article, the chances are you have a dog of your own.

When you buy your first four-legged companion, you expect him to be pretty textbook.

He’ll want feeding every day, a decent walk and lots of attention - but you may not expect to buy or inherit a funny dog.

But the truth is that every dog is different, each with his own unique personality - and some of them are stranger than others.

Needless to say, whatever dog you choose, you’ll enjoy endless love, affection and good times - and maybe some laughter, too.

Below, we’ve put together 20 funny majestic dogs for you to check out.

We had so much fun putting this together, and we’re sure you’ll agree that dogs really are the funniest creatures!

Bark to order a burger. We can see McDonald’s rolling this one out in the coming years…

… but this one might not be ready for a job in the fast food chain just yet.

There’s always one that’s got to photobomb…

Pretty dress, girlfriend!

Is that a roast dinner for your birthday? Our mouths are watering…

Something tells us he wasn’t expecting an impromptu photo shoot…

Yes mummy, just logging onto Diapet to buy some more accessories…

This dog delivers drinks to diners in a local restaurant. Where do we sign up!?

Not sure we fancy a ‘tooth hug’, Oscar…

This little fella isn’t ready to become a full-time cop just yet

Just chillin’ after a hard morning’s work.

So cute! Like mother like daughter…

Taking a break from serving customers on reception…

You will celebrate 2019 and you will enjoy the fireworks.

Too cold!

Yep, this one’s pretty funny.

We heard he’s a big fan of Finding Nemo.

Daddy bought me a new bowtie!

I mean, do you really need another grilled cheese?

This one’s egg-cellent!

Do you have a funny picture of your dog? Do let us know by sending us a message, and it may be included in a future blog post!


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