These Hilarious Cat Pictures Prove Cats are Liquid!

These Hilarious Cat Pictures Prove Cats are Liquid!

Because liquid can be defined as a material that adapts its shape to fit a container, some people consider cats to be liquids themselves.

Yep, we know. It’s a weird one. Bear with us…

The idea that cats are liquid is a pretty paradoxical observation but has become a commonly stated meme and interesting debate topic in recent years, and whilst from the outside, it may sound absurd, the truth is that cats can scientifically be considered liquid.

Indeed, they spend the majority of their time curled up into balls and often end up in the most unusual of places, and somehow manage to squeeze into impossible of locations with seemingly little effort.

If you’ve ever owned a cat, you’ll know first-hand just how strange some of these places can be.

Of course, cats don’t show the properties of liquid - they jump into boxes, squeeze into tight corners and love to experiment with their surroundings, and from time to time, get stuck. Oh, and they love to be stroked, and we're pretty sure you can't stroke water.

We digress.

Below, we’ve put together some proof that cats are liquid, and the result is pretty hilarious…

Okay, that’s enough hilarious cat pictures for one day.

If you’re still not convinced that your cat is a liquid, then buy them a container or pot and see where they end up, but remember to be very careful and keep any small spaces and containers out of their reach, to avoid them getting stuck or causing damage to your property. Cats aren’t as brainy as humans!

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